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※ Please be aware that there may be deviation and tolerance in noted measurements.

※ The breaking load is approximate, and will change depending on usage situation and environment. In addition, in the event test data is required, please make a separate request, and extra cost will be generated.

※ Specifications may change without prior notification.

※ Photos could show our products very clearly, but there may be a little difference in style because of different specifications.

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Stainless Steel Marine Anchors

  • Pool Anchor

    Pool Anchor

    Pool anchor is a stockless high holding power anchor which can reduce 25% of...

  • Danforth Anchor

    Danforth Anchor

    Danforth anchor is the most trusted boat anchor. It has the traditional, sup...

  • Delta Anchor

    Delta Anchor

    Delta anchor is designed to set fast and have high holding power in all wate...

  • Folding Grapnel Anchor

    Folding Grapnel Anchor

    Folding grapnel anchor is great for all small boats, including dinghies, inf...

  • Plough Anchor

    Plough Anchor

    Plough anchor makes your anchoring experience easier with its innovative sel...

  • Bruce Anchor

    Bruce Anchor

    Bruce anchor is designed based on anchors used to secure oil rigs in the Nor...

  • Bow Roller with Rocker Plate

    Bow Roller with Rocker Plate

    Bow roller with rocker plate is a high quality, universal self-launching rol...

  • Casting Anchor Bow Roller

    Casting Anchor Bow Roller

    Casting anchor bow roller can protect your boat from damage when dropping or...

  • Plate Anchor Bow Roller

    Plate Anchor Bow Roller

    Plate anchor bow roller can protect your boat from damage when dropping or p...

  • Swivel Anchor Connector

    Swivel Anchor Connector

    Swivel anchor connector is made from 316 Stainless Steel and can swivel 360 ...

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