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■ Rigging Hardware

■ Marine Hardware

■ Fastening System

■ Architectural Hardware

Wire Rope System

We offer more chioces of wire rope end fittings

We also make up wire rope assemblies according to your requirements, just contact us and let us know your idea.

Link System

A variety of link components make the assembly easier

Combined with wire rope assembly, they could reach a very wide range of uses, we are very pleased to give you the most professional advice.

Customized Product

Products made by stamping, casting, forging

We develop hundreds of stainless products each year. Send us your drawings or samples, we will offer you a reasonable quotation, We are looking forward to establishing a long-term relationship with you.



Huaxin Stainless started in 1992 as a small processing plant and now has grown to a comprehensive supplier of stainless steel products including marine hardware, rigging hardware, decoration accessories, machinery parts which are offered to the marine, industrial, architectural, commercial, government and OEM markets.

In recent years, we introduced of advanced production and testing equipment, and actively improve the production process to keep high and constant quality standards.We meet all our clients requirements thanks to the servicing of our professional staff. Thanks to the vastness and to the efficiency of our warehouse, most of our products are available in stock. We are able to deliver goods all over the world in a timely manner.

If you have any questions, special requests or just a suggestion, do not hesitate to contact us, we would love to hear from you.

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The hardware used in the voyage must be able to withstand the erosion of harsh environments such as high salinity seawater. Stainless steel, especially 316 material, with high strength and high corrosion resistance, is very suitable for the material that long-term navigation required.

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Protective equipment, outdoor sports, play equipment, building decoration, mining work, energy ... In each industry stainless steel replaces iron and has become the most suitable material for rigging hardware products.

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Highly polished stainless steel products have a dazzling gloss and have a perfect decorative effect when used in combination with glass. Because of the excellent rust prevention properties of stainless steel, maintenance is not necessary even if it is used for a long time.

Leading stainless steel products supplier since 1992

Huaxin Stainless brings 30-year experience in the stainless steel industry to benefit enterprises, organizations, and governments across the globe. We prioritize precision and quality in every part we create for construction, manufacturing, marine, and other industries. As a stainless steel supplier, we also cover all supply chain and logistics processes for our effective partnership. Huaxin Stainless has a solid footprint in industrial and commercial sectors. Whether you need stainless steel products to elevate your factory floor equipment or complement your other parts to make them commercially available for end-users, we’ve got you covered. The turnaround time is guaranteed to be lightning-fast in either case.

Stainless steel parts that are ready to ship

If you’re short of new parts for your equipment, why wait until they are manufactured? Ditch downtime on your end by ordering stainless steel components that are ready to ship right now. We’ve amassed a vast stock of machinery parts, wire rope fittings, assemblies, rigging hardware, and other products. Most of the items you can find in our catalogs can be shipped within 24 hours. All Huaxin Stainless parts come with quality control reports. We are steadfast in running corrosion resistance, tensile strength, and other tests for compliance purposes. Use them for your applications with confidence. We can also provide marking and packaging services when preparing your parts for shipment. Once done, we’ll estimate delivery costs for you straight away, whether you prefer an air, sea, or ground freight option.

Parts that are customized to your applications

If your applications require custom rather than ready-made parts, we’d be happy to kick off the gear wheels of our machines to make them. Huaxin Stainless is also a stainless steel manufacturer, and we’ve mastered many production processes: Lost-wax investment casting. Achieve the finest net shapes with less machining. We can cast any stainless steel part to replicate any intricate design with precision and efficiency. Stamping. Form your parts into specific shapes from a blank. Repeatability is a given for whatever you want to produce, as ensured by our range of high-performance metal stamping presses. Wire rope assembly. Lift the heaviest loads with custom rigging hardware. We’re now equipped to make ropes up to 40mm in diameter to meet your strength, crushing resistance, and bendability requirements. Machining. Turn to Huaxin Stainless for milling, turning, lathing, tapping, and other processes to get your stainless steel components machined to custom specs. Our equipment can be adjusted for small and complex parts.

Easily crank up mass production

With our capabilities, you can leverage complete production services for stainless steel products – from molding to finishing. There’s no need to enter into a contract with third parties and stretch your supply chain to an unmanageable extent. We have everything it takes to jumpstart your production run and deliver your parts promptly. Contact us to share your product specs and drawings, request a quote, or get more details on ready-made parts. We’ll process your inquiry and reach you back within mere hours.

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